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How did you get all of these reports!?!
We had every single one of them written!  Remember: We have been doing nothing but creating research reports on thousands of topics since 1994!  Our compiled expertise allows us to offer a greater volume of reports each year than any other company on the web! 

How can I know that the report I order will assist me?
  It's very simple! Spend some time to learn about the particular report(s) you are interested in purchasing.  We are so confident in the work that our researchers produce that we recommend ALL students request a FREE, one page portion of any report they are thinking about before they place their order!!! As all of our reports are merely ideas provided by our writers and are intangible items, we do maintain a very concise, no refund policy.  Once you place your order, it cannot be cancelled and charges will not be refunded.  However, this shouldn't be a problem as long as you
email us to request a free excerpt from the report you are interested in purchasing.  Remember: You can also ask to preview the bibliography from any report you are interested in, to ensure that the sources used will help you with your research.

What defines "a page"? 
  All research reports are guaranteed to be filled with at least 225 words of text per double spaced page.  We come to that amount by using standard 1 inch margins, Courier 12 font, with regular formatting. Our company does not charge for partial pages.  If you place an order for a 12 page paper and receive 12 1/2, you are only charged for the 12 that was advertised.  

When will I get my order?
  We process all orders the very SAME DAY!!  All reports will be sent within just a few hours via YOUR CHOICE of email or fax. Our order form also provides a RUSH option capable of delivering the report(s) you choose within MINUTES!

Can I receive my order some other way than email?
  You certainly can!  All reports can be sent via fax or Federal Express also.  If you prefer, you can even choose multiple delivery options!  However, email remains  the fastest and easiest way in which to receive your order.

How can I pay for my purchase?
  We accept pretty much any form of payment imaginable!  Customers can purchase reports by MasterCard, American Express, Visa, or Discover if they would like to use a credit card.  We also provide  the choice of paying by cash via Western Union's Quick Collect at any Western Union store nationwide. We also accept payment by check or money order from those customers who have have more time to wait to receive their order. 

I live in another country, can I still place an order? 
  Yes you can!  The world wide web has made it possible for us to provide reports to customers around the world via email or fax!!!  We can still provide reports via Federal Express to anywhere in the world also!!!

Do you provide your reports in any other languages?
  We sure do!  Technology has made it so we can provide our customers with a rough, machine translated version of any of our 50,000+ reports in Spanish, German, Italian, French or Portuguese!  Just choose the translate option on our easy to use order forms.  A copy of the report will also be sent in English since the translations are a bit "rough."

Can I use ideas in your report as my own?
  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Any student that could even consider that as a possibility is not welcome to order research from this website!  Students are not allowed - under any circumstances - to use the ideas or words originally produced by another writer without properly attributing that person as a source!  Our reports are strictly provided as research, for information, and as an example to help students with creating their own, unique report.  All information taken from our report must be properly attributed as coming from 1-To-1-Reports.Com within the students source page. 

If you have any other questions that went unanswered here,
please send us an

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